Life happens…. try dancing!

Marriage is a commitment that, in today’s day and age, proves to be a gamble with 50% ending in divorce.  The stress of unemployment, foreclosures and a failing economy can reak havoc on even the healthiest relationship.  Empty nesters are finding their children moving back  home after graduating college.  Retirement is delayed due to a crashing market and a shrinking nest egg!  Americans are finding themselves unhappy and unhealthy in these trying times.

There is GOOD NEWS: 

the ballroom dance  industry has survived recessions and the great depression! 

People escape the trials of everyday life and feel good!   Couples rekindle the magic in their relationship. The music and human interaction feeds the soul.  Each dance has a uniqueness that permits the dancer to express themselves in an artistic way.  The body burns energy and calories.   Stress levels diminish with each and every step!

Dancing  supports a healthy and happy lifestyle!  Let dancing work its magic with you!

Don’t hesitate… call the studio today and start living your best life now!


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