Oh, What a Feeling!

The energy and excitement surrounding an Arthur Murray event never ceases to amaze me!  The women, in their beautiful dresses, glow with the effervescence of a twinkling star and the men, in their dashing black attire, so elegantly frame their lovely partners!  Everyone is shaking with a combination of nerves and pure enthusiasm to exhibit their skills for friends, family and peers!  It is truly intoxicating!

The Severna Park Open House event was held on Friday, November 18th from 7pm – 10pm and had approximately 75 people in attendance.  Everyone gathered to demonstrate their progress and support their fellow dancers throughout a packed evening of professional/amateur demonstrations.

There was food, general instruction, social dancing and plenty of camaraderie.  Some of the students invited guests to experience the joy of dancing!  It is the highest form of flattery and we were grateful to host them during their visit!  Some chose to try their hand at a few private lessons to experience, first-hand, how dancing can elevate their life!

Events like these prove that in such troubled economic times we, as a society, need to feel loved, supported and appreciated!  Life continues to pound at our doors, but at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio we don’t let life in!  We create a healthy environment where everyone is safe to BE HAPPY!  Don’t wait…. call the studio now and elevate your life… Oh what a feeling!


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