Changing Seasons…

I heard a wonderful quote the other day that said, “the days are long, but the years fly by…” and I was reminded that we are welcoming Fall with its’ changing leaves and chilly nights!  As I look around the studio, I can’t tell what day, month or year it is.  In 22 years the scene always looks the same… happy, healthy and fun!

We had a wonderful summer Chesapeake Event and celebrated dancing with 110 of our students and friends from neighboring schools.  We also successfully welcomed the new studio, Crofton, to the Arthur Murray Family!  As the season changes we are anticipating the Las Vegas Super-rama and a local Showcase Event!

Before you know it we will be selling tickets for our annual Holiday Gala held in Annapolis as we round off a tremendous year!

No matter the weather or season, dancing is always an activity to enjoy!  The industry has survived the depression, multiple recessions, rain, snow, sleet and floods!

The studio is our sanctuary… our happy refuge from the changing seasons of time and life!

Learn to celebrate life and find your local

Arthur Murray Dance Studio today!


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